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Are You Doing the Right Things to keep yourself Safe & Secure from various crimes ?

In a nation where crime is a given, where cheap, second handsets are a necessity, and where food arrives faster than ambulances, how can people stay safe? The key lies in being proactive and in accepting the reality that we … Continue reading


Earthquake Safety Basics

When the Shaking Starts If you are indoors: If in a high-rise building – Drop, Cover and Hold On. Avoid windows. Do not use elevators. If you are not near a desk or a table, drop to the floor next to an interior … Continue reading


Emergency Services Numbers for KARACHI, LAHORE & ISLAMABAD Pakistan

The Importance of knowing “Emergency Services Numbers” can never be stressed enough and results from a Survey that I’ve conducted recently (posted on facebook & twitter) on emergency numbers awareness showed that 90% of the respondents knew the Police number, … Continue reading