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Monsoon Precautions

This Article was first published in Dawn Magazine on 13 July 2015   The monsoon season is here and depending where you reside you may experience varying degrees of discomfort and inconvenience. How well-prepared you are and how you react … Continue reading


Do you know how to secure yourself while on the move?

Published in Dawn, Sunday Magazine, May 25th, 2014 Pick any means of transport and look back over the past couple of years and you’ll find some horror stories. Accidents, road rage, human error have all contributed to them. So, how … Continue reading


As a Woman do you fear being alone in a public space or at home? These Safety Tips will help you manage or avoid difficult situations.

Am often asked by my female friends, colleagues and relatives on what they should do if trapped in a difficult situation. So I’ve come up with some of the most common possible scenarios and have suggested means to tackle them. REMEMBER no … Continue reading