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Keeping The Burglars Away

This article was first printed in DAWN Magazine on 3rd August 2014   Break-ins happen and they happen everywhere. No area is immune though some suffer more than others. The main reason for break-ins is simple: homes are easy to … Continue reading


Watching your watchmen

This article was first published in Dawn Magazine on 8th June 2014 They started out by patrolling the neighbourhoods on foot blowing a whistle periodically. As things changed they went mobile with a cycle and were given a baton to … Continue reading


Keeping a Security Guard – What you need to know & the Co.s won’t tell you.

  You’ve decided to get yourself a “Security Guard” but now what to do?  Where do you find a guard? What do you know about him?  What about the company?  Do you need to feed him?  What happens if he … Continue reading