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Keeping a Security Guard – What you need to know & the Co.s won’t tell you.

  You’ve decided to get yourself a “Security Guard” but now what to do?  Where do you find a guard? What do you know about him?  What about the company?  Do you need to feed him?  What happens if he … Continue reading


Are You Doing the Right Things to keep yourself Safe & Secure from various crimes ?

In a nation where crime is a given, where cheap, second handsets are a necessity, and where food arrives faster than ambulances, how can people stay safe? The key lies in being proactive and in accepting the reality that we … Continue reading


Mobile Phone & SIM Security in Pakistan

  120 million connections in nearly two decades is a phenomenal success of the mobile industry in Pakistan.  On the flip side we’re also well aware that mobile loss’ an equally large industry particularly in Karachi.   The one clear … Continue reading