Muharram Security Guide & Route Map

Congregations & Processions to commemorate Muharram are underway across Pakistan. 13th, 14th & 15th of November 2013 will witness the largest gatherings across the country. As part of the security plans for these procession the government in coming days is notifying major route closures and diversions.


Maps for Karachi & Islamabad available below.


Here are some of the Security Measures to be expected:

  – Road Blocks/Diversions. – Pillion Ridding Ban announced at short notice. – Closure of shops, restaurants, businesses, petrol pumps & public places on Procession Routes. – Possible Mobile phone shutdown for duration of processions. – Ban on display/carrying of weapons. – Snap security checks by various law enforcement agencies

What you must do:

– Carry original valid ID documents on person – Keep valid vehicle documents (license, registration, authority letter) – Fill fuel tank (Petrol, CNG) – Do not argue or challenge law enforcement officers, be courteous and comply with their orders – Ensure landline numbers of key contacts (personal/official/authorities) are available – Tune in to media (tv, radio) for latest news – Not give lifts to strangers, even if they’re attending the same congregation as you may be – Account for extra time while commuting during this period – Keep emergency supplies well stocked (medicines, mobile cards, cash etc) – In case of any unrest immediately leave the area for a secure place – Ensure Emergency Numbers are readily accessible.

View the following for Important Emergency Contacts:




KARACHI 8th – 9th – 10th Muharram

Karachi Ashura Map

ISLAMABAD 8th – 9th Muharram



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    Great post – thanks for the information, as always!


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