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Are you sure your hotel is secure?

First Published in Dawn, Sunday Magazine, March 8th, 2015   Which hotel you end up staying at during travel for business or pleasure is often driven by cost and proximity to the activity you need to accomplish. A surprising number … Continue reading


Panic Rooms

This article was first published in DAWN Magazine on 8th Feb 2015 Mention the word “Panic Room” and you might recall Jodie Foster’s Hollywood movie from 2002 of the same name. The movie glorified the concept with gadgets and other … Continue reading


Buying and Selling Online – Scams Alert

This Article was first published in DAWN Magazine on 22nd Feb 2015 Q: What precautions should be taken when posting an item for sale on the internet? Advice: Post only item details without unique identifiers such as registration number (vehicles). … Continue reading